Do you remember the Spice Girls? Hell, who doesn’t remember the Spice Girls. Pretty sure everyone loved Baby and Ginger the most, but I loved Sporty Spice. She was fierce, athletic, and let’s be honest, she was probably the most comfortable out of all the Spices. But truth be told, I totally love Posh Spice Victoria Beckham: glamours, stylish, and edgy. The combination of athleticism and style is something that I feel the fashion industry has really nailed down in the past few years. Nothing like the leotards in the 80’s or the velour jumpsuits in the 90’s, but real chic, fashionable athletic wear.

My favorite way to wear athletic wear is the same way that I would wear casual wear: easy, comfortable, and simple. When it’s Blue Friday (Go Hawks!) I like to wear my Seahawks jersey (Doug Baldwin cause we all know he’s a major stud), either skinny black jeans or a dark wash jean and my taupe suede booties. But I also love a nice oversized sweater, leggings, and my favorite Nikes. Comfort and chic don’t have to be on polar opposites, but they can be besties…and should be.

How do you like to style athletic wear?



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Craving | Overalls

In the fifth grade all I wore were overalls. Seriously. I had two pairs and I wore each one almost every other day. My fancy overalls had red flowers stitched on the bib (Oh yeah, I was super cool). After the fifth grade though, I ditched my overalls for some wide flared jeans and cargo pants (yeah, I really wasn’t that cool). But have you noticed that overalls are making a comeback?! My fifth grade self is giddy beyond belief.

So how could an adult woman wear a childish garment such as overalls? Think of them like your regular jeans. And believe it or not, overalls have become much more chic than when we were wee ones. If I were to wear a pair of distressed jeans, I would wear maybe a jeweled sweater or a simple button-up with a statement necklace. Same thing with overalls, wear some statement pieces and then it won’t feel so “kid-like” or “too young.” With a pair of really nice dark denim jeans I like to wear something a little more loose or care-free, say like a simple baseball tee or a white v-neck with some bright earrings. Try doing the same thing with a dark wash overall, like in my first photo example (below) with Blair from Atlantic-Pacific. And lately with graphic pants being on the trend, try a pair of printed overalls. Try polka dots with a floral print or lace with stripes.

Don’t let overalls intimidate you. Give them a whirl, your fifth grade self will thank you.








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Craving | Military Jackets

I have always been a fan of military styled apparel. Maybe it’s because my dad was in the Air Force while I was growing up and I saw a lot of the uniforms. With the brass badges, gold pins, structured fit, and just an overall sense of authority, what’s not to love?

As of right now, I am craving an Army green Military jacket. I thought I was one of the “cool kids” this fall because I was on the hunt for one, then I realized that all the “cool kids” were already locked and loaded with their fabulous Military jacket finds and rocking them out. What I love about Army green is how it can be treated like a neutral. It goes really well with black, red, chartreuse, leather, gold, glitter, whatever your heart desires, it will happily hang out with any color and material you want.

What fall trend are you currently craving?





One of my absolute favorite colors is aqua. Not only do I just feel confident and comfortable wearing it, but I am often inspired by it. This cool, calming color can be paired with just about any other color. Another great reason to love it!

1. Poppin All-Bundled-Up, Aqua Starter Kit $40  2. BaubleBar Emerald Phoenix Drops $28  3. Essie Naughty Nautical $8 4. Jolby 5 Archers on Point $25  5. Caitlin Wilson Textiles Teal Arrows Pillow $60-80